Payment in full is due on check-in, unless arranged prior. Credit card details will be kept on file as security incase other charges are incurred during your stay.


Cancellation policy:

Cancellations or amendments to bookings must be advised by email to

Cancellations or amendments with less than 7 days’ notice from 2pm on the check-in day will result in the total amount of the booked accommodation being charged to the guests’ credit card. 

If you decided to leave us early and cut your visit short the remaining portion will not be refunded.

The Blenheim Palms Motel strongly recommends that travel insurance is purchased to cover costs arising from unforeseen circumstances and changes in travel plans.


Cancellations for dates around ‘Special Events’ – including but not limited to

  • Marlborough Wine and Food Festival
  • Garden Marlborough
  • St Clair Half Marathon
  • Whitehaven Grape Ride
  • Omaka Classic Fighters

Cancellations or amendments to bookings for the above events must be advised by email to Cancellations or amendments with less than 60 days’ notice from 2pm on the check-in day will result in the total amount of the booked accommodation being charged to the guests credit card.


Group Cancellation Policy: (3 or more rooms)

Cancellations or amendments to bookings must be done in writing by email to Cancellations or amendments with less than 30 days’ notice from 2pm on the check-in day will result in the total amount of the booked accommodation being charged to the guest’s credit card. 



If you haven't cancelled your booking in writing within the required time and you don't turn up, the full room rate will be charged to your credit card.



Visitors are permitted at the management’s discretion. We do NOT allow large, noisy gatherings or parties in our rooms. Guests must leave the premises quietly before 9pm.

The registered guest is responsible for the behaviour of all of the visitors to their room for the duration of the registered guest's stay. All deliberate and/or reckless acts that result in damage to Blenheim Palms Motel and any costs associated with inappropriate behaviour resulting in loss of income to the motel will be charged to the registered guest. As parking space is limited, visitors vehicles are to be parked outside the complex.


Parties And Noise:

Blenheim Palms Motel strictly enforces a NO PARTIES and NOISE Policy for the comfort of all guests, and will not tolerate excessive noise at any time. Guests who do not comply with these policies and disrupt the peace and quiet enjoyment of other guests will be required to vacate the premises immediately and without refund. The credit card of the registered guest will be subject to charges for damages due to guest complaints regarding excessive noise during posted quiet hours. This may include paying the tariffs for guests who leave as a result of your excessive noise and or call out fees for staff or security. All visitors to your room must leave quietly by 9pm.


Extra Cleaning Policy:

Rooms must be left in a clean and tidy state, with all linen and towels left in the room. Removal or damage to linen and excessive cleaning over and above reasonable and normal occupancy use, including (but not limited to) spillage and marks on the carpet or furniture will be charged accordingly to the guest.


Room Key Policy:

Room keys should be left in room or returned to reception upon check out, failure to do so will incur a $200 fee as locks will need to be changed and new keys cut. 


Smoking Is NOT Allowed Outside Your Room Or In Any Room On The Property:

A designated area has been allocated for the comfort of smokers, please enquire at reception for an ash tray. Guests and visitors are prohibited to smoke inside OR outside their rooms.

To protect people from the health effects of second-hand smoke, smoking in most public areas including shopping malls, public transport, pubs, bars and restaurants is prohibited in New Zealand. All workplaces are smoke free.

If you do smoke in your unit, you WILL be personally charged NZ$500 minimum, to cover specialist cleaning and resulting loss of income.


Drug and Alcohol Policy:

We are strictly a drug free zone. No drugs will be tolerated at all on site. Failure to adhere to this policy will mean termination of your accommodation immediately (and a visit from police). The full length of your stay will be charged.

Excessive consumption of alcohol on site is discouraged. The Blenheim Palms Motel has a strict "No Party" policy and visitors are not permitted on the site after 9pm.

There will be charges incurred if guests disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other guests by creating excessive noise or other disturbances, to cover management and/or security call outs.


Strong Smelling Foods:

In order to avoid residual lingering food odours that may be offensive to subsequent guests - the cooking of strong smelling foods is not permitted in this motel. If strong residual odours remain, the registered guest may be charged a minimum of $100 for the cost of professional cleaning. If the room cannot be rented until the smell is removed, the registered guest will be charged for the resulting loss of income to Blenheim Palms Motel.



  • No items are to be hung over the balcony railings at any time.
  • If outstanding debts are referred to debt collection any applicable agency fees will be added to guest invoice (Baycorp 25% fee applicable)
  • Blenheim Palms Motel reserves the right to add additional administration fee to any invoice it deems to have been over and above usual admin.



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